ZEP - Zone Expansion Project, New Global Layout.

Global Map for Release 109940

Placement was made in an attempt to maintain the original STALKER as much as possible. The red areas show the impassable areas while the Brain Scorcher in the Radar is still active. The generators in the Hosptal, Generators and NPP 2 were being used to amplify the signal to cover more of the northwest. Once the Brain Scorcher is deactivated then the generators become harmless and their beams focus directly upward. 

Blowouts and Hell Hour become weaker the further you are from the NPP which is the source of these emissions. The types of creatures, anomalies and artifacts is also effected by the levels distance from the NPP.

Above shows the 39 surface levels out of 53 total levels.

New level changer paths shown in yellow.

Higher resolution images available in the repository.


Level Description Table

(comming soon)