First of all GSC Gameworld for creating such an awsome game for it's time!

All the creators and contributors of Naradnaya Solyanka: AMK, DMX, Shadows, Charsi...

The creator of the original Collector Treasure Hunt and dAVROs the creator of the new Collector Treasure Hunt content.

Aleks1970 for graphics and the excellent tools for the .DB packages.

Now with a dedicated Installer/Auto-updater (Author: aleks1970).

The new game content includes:

Over 250 weapons - from fists, knives, katana, and night-vision crossbow - to a computerized sniper rifle, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, and anti-tank weapons...
(Authors: Zenobian Mod, Arsenal Mod, Simbion Mod, TIREX, giAdolf, Aahz, jgar, Alwen, eNdimiOn, ZEN, Kolyny, Death, Sm0kE, Sin!, Zeka1996, Korneev, Kirag)
(Authors’ models: Aahz, Gosuke, Bender, Purke62, Bak and others)
(Weapon and artefact stats rationalisation: GlowWormToo)

28 types of mutant, including female zombies, wild cats, cockroaches, and rats (Authors: Wawka, kalinin11)
53 different maps (with 3 more being developed for future DLC)
Over 4,000 NPCs, including unique female Stalker models
16 independent Factions
20 types of Anomaly
45 types of Artefact
8 models of detector - the top end models accurately depicting the locations of artefacts and anomalies on the player’s maps
Numerous drivable vehicles, including models imported specially into the Zone…
Extensive faction-dependent choice of upgradable body armor. Upgrades include 8 types of night vision
AMK artefact cooking (Recipes) - now with an electronic Artefact Transmutator (Basis: Refresh. Kordinalnaya modifications: Sapsan and others)
Corpses now become carrion, effectively disappearing from maps over time (Authors: Shadowman, Sapsan)
Major improvements to functionality and icons in the Inventory (Authors: Rusya, stalker69, aleks1970, and others)
Improved trading across the entire Zone, with mobile traders making periodic ‘flying’ visits
Traders now sell smoke grenades, and some traders run a lottery...
Change your reputation to a faction. You can literally buy your way out of trouble...
Earnable ‘shortcut trails’, enabling fast and safe passage between maps
‘Hell Hour’ – Sustained massed Zombie attacks used during the storm (Author: Spot-shooter)
Professional weapon upgrades from technicians in the backroom of the Bar (Author: Ray)
Purchasable Bioradar for the HUD, displaying every nearby lifeform (Authors: xStream, BAC9-FLCL, tolusha, Z-Vertoz, Nekt, Rusya)
Upgradable 'Predator detection' for the minimap, customizable to all your favourite mutants…
Personal mp3 player, with custom music flash drives from in-game traders
The Wish Granter is now a random portal to treasures unknown…
Blowouts and ‘Hell Hour’ become weaker the further you are from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), the source of the emissions
The types of mutant, artefact, and anomaly you encounter are affected by where you are in the Zone, and your distance from the NPP
Improved AI for NPC behaviour and their use of weapons (Author: xStream)
Improved NPC faces, which appear accurately in new storyline videos

Incorporated and adapted Mods include:

'Terrorizm Demo v0.2 Mod' adds explosives with detonators, unexploded land mines across the Zone, and a combined portal/mine detector (Author: 4ufak)
'Intellectual Marauder Mod 1.5.1' allows the looting of body armor from corpses (Author: DEXXX)
'Arena Extension Mod' enables playing and betting against multiple human and mutant opponents (Authors: kstn, IG-2007. Adaptation: Wawka, Kto)
'Embryos' to spawn mutants, and 'Capsules' to create anomalies anywhere. Guaranteed to break the ice at parties! (Sources - Simbion Mod)
'Repair Kit Mod' for body armor and weapons (Author: DEXXX), the masterly maintenance mod that paved the way for its recent replacement...
'Repair Kit Revamped Mod' to strip down other weapons and armor for spares to repair your own gear (Author: barak1001. Rewritten: aleks1970)
‘Half Life’ style gravity gun, and 'Doom 3' style Soul Cube... (Authors: Malandrinus, Kirag)
New sounds for all weapons (Author: MulleR)
New silencers and optics (Arsenal Mod)
All fires now create smoke (OGSE Mod)
'RagDoll Mod' (Author: LexMalin)
GPS tagging for stashes and locations (Author: idler)
Looting of money from corpses (Author: Babuin 119)
Locks for stashes to prevent theft - Yes, NPCs now nick your stuff... (Author: Ferrari314)
'Linspiro Addon v1.1 Mod' lets you buy info on stashes from friendly NPCs (Author: Linspiro)
'Nocturne Mod 1.0' adds new dreams (Authors: Khorn, malandrinus, nemnogonado)
New HUDs with dynamic effects (Authors: ABC Mod, Redux Mod, Vergas, zayaz)
'Doc Viewer' makes documents readable on your HUD (Author: 7.9)

Other features include:

The Game Launcher (Author:TecnoBacon) provides graphics options, FOV adjustment, automatic log cleaning, savegame management, 'cheats', and launch options. No more adding command lines to your shortcut!
A personalised Modders’ Script (text file) allows you to fine tune every aspect of the game to your preference
Optional increase in difficulty with experience (Author: Sapsan)
Selectable graphics options include DX9, DX11, and SweetFX DX11
Shader options made easy with a simple text file
New Advanced Options Menu available in-game
In-game Spawn Menu allows the instant creation of any item, weapon, mutant, or even anomaly…
In-game Teleportation Menu allows judicious instant travel between maps
In-game Infoportion Menu allows the automatic completion of a task or event - just in case you're really, really stuck...
Game support guides, walkthroughs, directories, and documentation (Authors: KoRn0509, Plesskyn, kd6dm, Sword2012)

The game is spread over several freeplayable levels:

Level 0 - The highly upgraded Narodnaya Solyanka mod, which now leads into…

Level 1 - ‘The Collector’ (Author: TecnoBacon), an original storyline with a new chain of quests (Author: dAVROs). This level also incorporates the ZEP (Zone Expansion Project), the Gold Bars quest, and the Treasure Hunt (created exclusively for STALKERSOUP by DKZ). It includes new maps, characters, and a strange alien device which brings about…

Level 2 - ‘Desolation’ (Author: TecnoBacon) - the onset of the Storm, the continuation of the treasure hunt, and a search for gold bullion, until…

Level 3 - ‘Reclamation’ (Author: TecnoBacon) - the radiation storm recedes, mutants repopulate the Zone, and the race to the center, for every faction, begins. You’ll be extremely grateful that other Stalkers have your back…

Levels 4-10 (Author: TecnoBacon and possibly others) are ongoing works in progress, but will become available as DLC

Other works in progress include:

A 64 bit X-Ray engine supporting 16Gb RAM (expected late 2016)
In-game networking using the game’s SMS messaging system
Improvements to the geometry of new levels and mini-maps
Further weapon rebalancing and effectiveness
Continuous repair and optimization of the X-Ray engine, including the removal of rogue original code and memory hogs (the source of most CTD’s), making the game more stable with every new patch

Now we are expanding into the farther reaches of the Zone and new contributors are joining the fun.

Weapon and environment packages, models, and most important...   FEEDBACK from users!