Load Out System

Since STALKERSOUP has such a huge inventory of weapons and an expansive Zone it became obvious that the old inventory system was not good enough.

It also became obvious that each level had a different group of communities as well as environment.


To facilitate a more diverse and challenging game a new load out system was created. It provides a wide range of arms within a community that takes into account the characters present rank.


To accommodate free play and faction wars the load out system can be forced to re-equip the troops at any time. It is sort of like being the Armorer and deciding what the troops will be using.


This system works in conjunction with the inventory system. When a generic character is spawned its inventory is scanned; if there are no weapons found then a load out will be given.


Load outs are chosen based on the community and characters rank, lastly a random load out is chosen using the games probability coefficient.



The load outs are files: 1.ltx through 5.ltx within each rank folder.
example: ..config/inventory/bandit/200/1.ltx


Content of a load out file:









The first section: [loadout] is for internal use only and does not affect the character.


The second section: [weapon] specifies the primary and secondary weapons assigned.


The third section: [ammo] specifies the ammo for each weapon and must match.


The final section: [extras] specify optional items with the following restrictions:

Maximum of ten items which must be consecutive.

First item may be a better weapon that may spawn based on probabilities and a 10% chance ratio.

Following items should be weapon add-ons, grenades and extra ammo. NOT loot which is done by the inventory system and death manager.