Shader Settings

Found in ..gamedata/shaders/r2/shadersettings.txt file

TB3D easy options

Feature Enable/Disable: Add // to disable, Remove the // to enable.



performance options
  normal: shadow mask 4096m, advanced features on
      NOTE: the semi option is only valid with optimized option
  optimized: shadow mask 1024m, advanced features off
  semi: shadow mask 2048m, some features at reduced settings


 //#define optimized            //turns off advanced features and reduces others
 //#define semi_optimized  //less aggressive, valid only with optimized option



pick one of two alternate color styles here
default = nuetral if none defined giving a more natural look


 //#define color_bright   //enhanced colors
 //#define color_dim      //washed out colors



put here seperate as causes washout of shadows
Only noticable on Full Dynamic Lighting, causes poor performance on some computers.
supposed to make the environment much brighter and natural, does not in my tests.


 //#define SUN_SHAFTS   // Enables Sun Shafts (god rays)



!!!!! legacy graphics card support, see end of file for more h/w options !!!!!!!!
Use on old pre DX10.1 cards only, may cause excess heat in newer cards! If you see artifacting, fan labors consistantly or power supply whines then turn off immediately or damage WILL occur (my EVGA dual 260 watercooled died in 12 minutes)


 //#define USE_F32             // Enables Float32 mod. Breaks saturation and contrast filters.
 //#define USE_F32_FOG   // Enables Float32 style fog. Requires Float32 to be enabled.


Additional settings for adjusting color, dof, aa and several other advanced values for shader experts.