MODDERs Section

Those of you who have not played SHOC may not want to follow the links to the Modder Topics as it WILL contain SPOILERS.

All I ask of those playing the BETA, is to follow the formula:

 Use the
Support page for submitting feedback, bugs and requests to make submissions

Please help discover issues and improve this mod, there will be several ways to give feedback. Make a tweak or fix? Send it to us and get KUDOs from us all.



Now that the BETA is close to fruition, it is time to talk about the future.

This release from BETA will signify the start of a whole new style of NS using the best from AMK and DMX but managing it so that Modders have a solid base to work from. Many good modders end up being frustrated and shunned not for their lack of ability but the lack of consistency in user's versions. The Modder has to choose from one version or another to start with and thus sacrifices this or that.


True, we may not have picked the best in all cases but the BETA response has helped us mold and massage it into shape. Soon we will have all the weapons re-characterized as well as fully adapted to the new DMX dynamic HUD features. On release we hope to have the most popular weapons and items all integrated so that Expansion of the Zone can commence.


It is our hope that more talented people will embrace and contribute to this effort the same way that the new author of The Collector treasure hunt (started by Valerich); dAVROs and Boutch71 contributing weapons expert have done.


We will keep following the DMX efforts as well as some others and be able to keep up to date with them. We seem to be moving on the fast track with this so we are already populating the empty areas with alife and adventures.


ALL those who enjoy creating are welcome to join in, just give us an email.