Startup Only Options

These options will only affect new games.

DMX cars can be turned back on afterwards for the repair kit to function but is not needed for other game play.


(true) Turns on all safe level changers when false,
STALKER starts only, will cause broken quests when used without proper info
portions from normal play through.


(true) Raincoat, medkit, knife, gun and ammo. false = The Collector start or user customized in TB3D_Triggers.script.


(false) !M! You have to load ammo onto your belt (vest) to load clips.
Not done for all ammo so default is not to use.


(false) !M! Use the new DMX cars, false will cause them to not spawn but quests are not changed, you can turn it on to spawn the vehicles then turn it off to avoid physics crashes [Still a work in progress (WIP)].